We believe that we all deserve to live in cleaner, safer and greener cities! Our way to achieve that is through providing smart solutions for just-in-time solid waste management.


ConnectedBin is the solution that makes the waste containers “smart” and lets you monitor and manage the waste collection activities in real time! It allows for remote monitoring of various parameters of the waste bins (e.g. fill-level), optimizes the schedules for their collection, as well as provides real-time notifications for incidents. This way the efficiency of waste management is improved, while the environmental impact from waste collection is minimized.


Monitoring & compliance
Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Smart building
Sensors and actors
Monitoring and Compliance

Business Model

There are three distinct ways in which we generate revenues: a/ providing our complete solution as a service (SaaS) to waste management companies; b/ providing our sensing platform as a technology partner, so that it can be incorporated into other solution (e.g. ones for stimulating recycling through gamification); c/ providing data and analysis based on the available information collected by the sensors (e.g. bins' placement optimization analysis, waste generation patterns analysis).


In 2017 we produced Rev.1 of our system and prepared the first two actual field trials of it in Bulgaria!