Eljoy manufactures and sells smart electric bicycles to bicycle dealers and individuals. Our production facility is based in Bulgaria. We have in-house li-ion battery assembly. Our bikes are made with wooden and aluminum frames.


Eljoy bikes makes smart electric bicycles in Bulgaria. We have in-house li-ion battery assembly which allows us to design custom shape frames and batteries for our e-bikes. We develop whole e-bike models according to customers' needs. We made the first in the world wooden e-bike with integrated in the frame battery. We believe that electric bicycles are the solution to air pollution and congested city streets.


Circular economy, Cleantech, Climate/Environmental monitoring, Digitalization, Energy, Energy efficiency, Manufacturing, Mobility, Smart cities, Transport & logistics

Business Model

Eljoy bikes provide urban electro mobility solutions by designing, manufacturing and selling electric bicycles, tailored to customers' requirements. The problems in this business are: long delivery times due to manufacturing in far east; limited battery shapes and frame designs. With the possibility to assemble the battery packs in-house, we offer local production, based in Europe, short delivery times and more customization options and technology upgrades to customers (bike dealers and individuals).


We want to scale the production of electric bicycles by reaching new markets in European union. For this purpose we need more working capital for raw materials and components. We want to make serial production of wooden e-bikes with integrated in the frame battery - Galex.bike. For this purpose we need to invest in R&D to certify the product and prepare the first batch of wooden frames. We want to develop and prototype smart e-bike sharing system for public use. With our experience in e-bikes we can build durable system with lower maintenance costs.