“RV Solutions” is a modular WEB based system with a mobile application, which uses IoT to perform remote monitoring and control of industrial installations in warehouses.


With \"RV Solutions\" the owners and operators of warehouses and cold storage facilities can easily to optimize the operations of warehouses by monitoring the free storage space, as well important indicators such as temperature, humidity and energy usage, and at the same time to run analysis of their values and their automatic controls, in order to reduce the maintenance costs of the respective installations.


Smart building
Sensors and actors
Industry efficiency
Industrial Automation
Monitoring and Compliance

Business Model

We develop and sell software to logistics centres and cold storage bases .With our software the clients will be able to save time, money, energy and resources and will visibly improve their work.We will further develop and extend our network of warehouse operators and offer the solution with a full integration and maintenance. Our businness model foresees direct sales which allows us to create one-time as well recurring long-term clients. If our clients are happy we are happy too.


Our main goals are: launching our Software into the market, doing additional pilot projects, acquiring first paying customers and securing additional funding.


Bratuhchev Ventsislav