"CRISTA" Climate Risk Integrated System for Thematic Assessment. Making Climate Risks CRISTAl clear.


Solution provides specific site-based assessment of climate change risks and hazards. Climate risk assessment often requires a comprehensive scientific and analytical background. This tool provides cohesive information about the damage which climate changes could cause to the environment and therefore facilitates knowledge-based decisions to protect people, businesses and future investments.


Data Centres and Services

Business Model

Information for climate hazards is available via European and national public and private bodies, but its fragmentation in addition to the complexity of the presented data, leads to confusion on the part of businesses and clients. When a client is considering investment in property, land, building or insurance of such properties against landslides, rains, floods and other types of hazards, they could use the climate data from the system and analyze the spot or a specific area. The platform offers tailor made solutions depending on customer's interests.


Collection and digitalization of all possible climate risks data for the territory of the region in one place (one-stop-shop). Upgrading the web-portal platfom. Develop new functionalities and adjust existing ones. Effective marketing campaign. Pitching to clients - insurance and reinsurance companies. Perform sales of the platform. Setting the stage for European partnerships and the creation of an European CRISTA platform.