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Green ReStart provides life cycle assessment (LCA) and preparation of environmental product declarations (EPDs) of construction products and materials following the provisions of available standards in the field of LCA (ISO 14040, ISO 14044) and specific standards related to construction (EN 15804). Green ReStrart also develops a database by collecting data on processes and supply chains in Bulgarian construction sector.


Manufacturing, Smart buildings

Business Model

Manufacturers of construction materials will benefit from publishing EPDs about their products in order to access the market of green public procurements and to meet the preferences of users to sustainable buildings. LCA-based EPDs provide information on environmental impacts, energy demand, resource consumption and waste generation during manufacturing. We offer professional preparation of EPDs and help our customers state the environmental quality of their products and identify potential fields for improvements.


Our target is to develop close partnerships with manufacturers of construction products and help them develop their products in a sustainable way. We also hope to build a successful business strategy that will help us improve our services and attract new clients. Green ReStart is soon to be officially registered and will participate in LCA meetings in order to establish international partnerships with LCA practitioners from other countries.