Rivus Company is developing highly efficient water saving products, that can reduce the water usage in households, offices, sports and fitness clubs and public buildings significantly.


Rivus Company is developing highly efficient water saving products like faucet nozzle and shower head that reduce the water usage with up to 90%. We are currently focused on developing the nozzle. The Rivus Nozzle S1 comes with one stream option which uses 90% less of your tap water – 1.2 liters per minute. Rivus Nozzle S2 has second stream which is with 5 liters per minute flow.


Cleantech, Energy efficiency, Manufacturing

Business Model

The water crisis affects 2/3 of the population on earth. A significant amount of regions and countries are seeking solutions to reduce the use of water sources in order to avoid a serious deficit ?f water during dry months. Our target clients are households and businesses such as hotels, fitness centers, sports clubs, office and public buildings located in the previously mentioned dry areas. We will sell directly to them through our website and local distributors. Also, we can make regional licensing deals to big manufacturers.


Our main target is to get first customers. To get there first we need to finalize the two version of Rivus Nozzle and to file a patent application. Also have to negotiate and choose manufacturers for the different parts of the nozzle.


Rumen Sprostranov