Collapse easily any tubular shape.


Hyperfold is a collapsible technology that makes any thin shell container or bottle fold to less than 10% of its volume. It is a universal geometrical principle that can revolutionise disposable packaging and reusable containers. For disposable packaging, we optimise the recycling process, making it more efficient by saving a lot of space in garbage containers when packaging is disposed folded. Applied to reusable containers, Hyperfold provides convenience and compactness, which do not compromise the stability of the product.


Clean Industry
Industry efficiency

Business Model

There are two business models that we aim to validate: IPR and Commerce model. IPR: the patent can be licensed to businesses that manage large volume of disposable packaging, as potential clients are FMCGs, packaging and transportation companies. Targeting the reusable containers market, the technology can be licensed to outdoor, sport, lifestyle or houseware companies. Commerce: we envision the development of a powerful brand that promotes a reusability behavior through a line of exceptionally functional reusable containers, targeting both B2B and B2C.


Through the course of the Accelerator we aim to validate which of the outlined business models is more feasible to focus on and what the potential product market fit for our technology is. This entails conducting an in-depth research on the market, patentability and prototyping with different forms and materials. In addition, we plan to incorporate the company and develop an appealing brand identity with relevant visual communication and online presence.


Radina Popova