Aerodiagnostika is a UAV development startup working on the next generation fixed-wing platform and its integration with the cutting-edge AI based data analytics. The diverse Aerodiagnostika team consists of innovation- and technology-driven people that are experts in the fields of aeronautics, mechanics, IT and business management. Having a track record in commercial and military UAV projects delivery, the team is now tackling the issue of automated utility asset inspection.


Aerodiagnostika aims to develop the GreenBee solution as a product which will enable utility management companies to automate daily monitoring and inspection tasks. The Company aims to establish themselves as a leader in UAV technologies for maintenance and innovative data collection by providing state-of-the-art, easy to use technology. The Company’s goal is to help utility management companies to automate the inspection and monitoring process, increase its efficiency and reliability and lower the costs and carbon footprint.


Clean Energy
Energy management systems
Management of networks, grids
Air, water & environment
Monitoring & compliance
Mobility, transport & logistics
Clean Industry
Industrial Automation
Monitoring and Compliance
Online/digital services/eCommerce
Artificial intelligence

Business Model

The Company will commercialize the GreenBee UAV as a product for one-time fee and service provision. After the purchase by the client, Aerodiagnostika will provide training, technical support, maintenance for the product or inspection/monitoring services. Aerodiagnostika will sell 2 versions of the GreenBee UAV – with LIDAR sensors and with electro optics.


1. Pilots with a new potential clients (electric power supply company, electric power distribution company or similar). 2. Launch a pilot project with new partner (LT or EU). 3. Hire and train at least two team leaders who will be able to fly our UAVs (for BVLOS missions up to 300 km).