Collecting & upcycling plastic from the sea


Enaleia provides innovative e-learning training focusing on sustaiability for people that want to start working in the fishing sector. Enaleia is also working with fishermen, so as to collect plastic from the sea.


Air, water & environment
Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Clean Industry
Industry efficiency

Business Model

The problem that we are adressing is that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea, both because of fish stocks reduction, but also for the increase of marine plastic. This is why our business model has 2 pillars. On the first one, we provide training material for new professional fishermen, teaching them how to earn more money while catching less fish. On the second, we find companies,individuals or foundations that are interested in cleaning marine plastic from specific areas.


In 2019, we would like to have 100 students getting our courses, from 60 the last year, be able to clean 5 tons of plastic per month, for 2.5 last year, and expand in the east mediterranean region.