Vetik helps cosmetic producers solve the insufficient choice of red colorants by bringing a new natural red colorant from seaweed to the market.


Vetik was founded to valorise red seaweed. We have license to harvest 1000 tons of a particular red seaweed per year. For sustainability reasons this license has been given to only 2 companies. Our first goal is to produce a red colorant and provide it to natural cosmetics producers.


Circular economy / waste mgmt.

Business Model

Cosmetic industry needs bright and beautiful colorants for decorative and skincare products. This market has mostly been covered by dyes and pigments synthesized in laboratories, majority of which are based on petroleum and other mined minerals, which can be harmful for health and environment. We are bringing a new red pigment to the market, which is made from seaweed, so it’s natural, vegan and with potential skin rejuvenating properties. Our business is B2B, we are going to sell the colorant directly to cosmetic producers.


At the end of 2019 we plan to have a pilot production plant and collaboration with 1 to 3 first cosmetic producers to test our system and product in operational environment.