Mighty Meat is a food tech company creating a healthy, sustainable and scalable, high-performance plant-based meat


Mighty meat uses adapted extrusion technology to prepare it’s legume base and combines that with a scaffolding process that mimics mammalian muscle structures. The result is huge reductions in natural resource usage and massive efficiency gains throughout production. It's packaged and sold in either large packs for chefs to prepare themselves or in ready to eat meals and sandwiches that the Mighty Meat creates for food service outlets and convenience stores.


Food and beverage

Business Model

Mighty Meat sells branded product through food service companies as ready to eat portions as well as stand-alone products to organizations using Mighty Meat as part of meals they construct, such as hospitals, universities and corporate canteens. We provide great terms for a product that is in high demand as consumer trends become permanent habits and address companies needs to provide options that align with environmental well being as well as health.


Our main target this year is to secure partners in our main markets and launch the product in the UK.