Miret • We develop and produce the most environmentally advanced sneakers.


MIRET sneakers are engineered to degrade almost completely in around 3 years once disposed off into landfills or compost. Our goal is to produce high quality and durable sneakers which are completely biodegradable and produced out of bio-based materials. Our current sneakers are not yet 100% bio-degradable or completely petroleum-derivates free, but we are getting closer with each new generation of MIRET sneakers.


Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Clean Industry
Industry efficiency
Materials Innovation

Business Model

20 billion pairs of shoes are produced every year. Some shoes are made of leather, some of cotton, but most are made with petroleum derivatives (synthetics and plastics). Additionally there is 20% secondary waste created during manufacturing and the manufacturing process of such materials is un-ecological. Both shoes and secondary waste are pollutants. Our solution can remove the harmful materials from footwear production. We can estimate that each pair of shoes we produce can replace 0,8 kg of leather or plastic materials of a comparable standard shoe.


In 2019 we would like to gain traction with retail sales through our online store. We plan to finish developing a new generation of sneakers by the end of September, and launch a crowdfunding campaign to support sales and to raise both brand awareness and awareness of the underlying environmental issue of the footwear industry which we are tackling with our project.


Domagoj Boljar