Ascalia helps cities and industry save energy, reduce wastage and improve their processes by monitoring and optimizing them.


Ascalia is a complete IoT platform for smart cities and industry 4.0, using modern technology to reduce environmental footprint and improve sustainability. It has been developed since 2017 by a team from IT and automotive industries, using their expertise in distributed, real-time and AI systems to bring to market a versatile and vendor-agnostic IoT platform offering high performance, simplicity and reliability.


Smart building
Industry efficiency
Industrial Automation

Business Model

Ascalia has both hardware and software products allowing any industrial facility or city connect their assets (machinery, infrastructure) into Ascalia IoT network without the need for updating their equipment. After that, all the data and assets are normalized into a single data-model, allowing data from different assets to be analysed in a combined manner (expert system). This allows facilities and cities to better and easier optimise their processes by pinpointing resource and energy wastage, as well as predict malfunction, all from a single platform.


Goal for 2019 is to identify 1 or 2 concrete use-cases where Ascalia brings most value to the end users. We are currently working on multiple pilots and projects with different clients and partners, improving our product and value proposition. We are learning about the problems industry and cities are facing, using our experience and knowledge to help solve those problems. By the end of 2019 we plan to polish out operational issues of the product and have several case-studies with measurable data written on the topic of identified best-fit use cases.