Cloud service providing fuel saving data for cargo ships based on numerical hydrodynamics.


Naval Hydro seeks to improve hydrodynamic characteristics of existing and future merchant ships with the goal to reduce fuel consumption and harmful gas emissions. We are specialists and developers in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics applied to naval hydrodynamics. Our service is based on our software development which is automatized to offer low man-hour cost assessment of basic ship hydrodynamics such as calm water resistance and propulsion power calculation.


Mobility, transport & logistics

Business Model

Naval Hydro offers automated CFD calculations for the marine industry. CFD simulations are an advance engineering tool that require a highly skilled specialist and expensive software to perform, hindering its use in most smaller ship design and ship operating companies. This results in a large portion of the worlds commercial vessels to exhibit below optimum hydrodynamic performance, leading to higher fuel consumption. It is our goal to make CFD simulations accessible to smaller companies by reducing the price and time-to-delivery.


Our first goal for this year is to develop a web interface for the user, enabling the service to be provided without our intervention. This will further reduce the cost of the service. Second goal is to plan and deploy an effective marketing campaign to reach numerous design offices and ship operators. We are aiming at reaching a significant portion of the market by targeted marketing on social medial such as LinkedIn.