IRREPRODUCIBLE and the most versatile anti-counterfeit labeling and verification system, that limits the growth of product counterfeits and gives back full control over the property of brand owners and manufacturers.


InLable develops irreproducible anti-counterfeit system that uses an industry unique interferometric label design, coupled with proprietary label processing algorithms within a smartphone App and is further linked to the Blockchain for maximum control over manufacturers’ property. We are linking IRREPRODUCIBLE label with UNHACKABLE database.


Monitoring and Compliance

Business Model

For the brand owners and manufacturers we have two possible business models, where 1st is pay-per-label and 2nd is Inlable system licensing, whereas consumers would have free access to the mobile app, to verify the items authenticity in any part of the World.


Our goal is to complete the development of first lab prototype, demonstrate its capabilities to potential industry customers and secure the funds for the next stage (development of industrial prototype and its first implementation with the customer).