New drinking water source for the fast-growing urban population.


myWater ATM is a water refill station, producing pure drinking water out of the humid ambient air and distribute water as the refill. Why? Because water in rivers, lakes and underground is running out or it is too polluted to be used. Our water is chemical free, pH neutral, and does not contain any microplastic. Everyday, anytime and anywhere.


Air, water & environment
Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Food and beverage
Clean Industry
Materials Innovation

Business Model

Humans depend on water to survive. Every day we drink more than 15billions litters of water all over the world. In 2017 we bought and drink over 440 billions units of bottled water. That creates huge amount of plastic waste. Our first target market and clients are tourist most visited cities in South Europe. We will sell our myWater ATM directly to them through our website and local distributors. Also, we plan to do licensing deals to big water vending manufacturers.


We are currently working on utility patents and a trademark for the name myWater. In June 2018 we start testing our MVP. Our main target is to get first customers. In 2019 we plan to build our fully functional prototypes and test them in pilots. To build prototypes and do pilots by June 2019 we are seeking funds of 600k Euro.