Plasma based air cleaning system is sustainable, low cost, low waste solution for odour removal


Arkom, Marko Setinc s.p. is a consulting company for development and implementation of enviromental solutions. We are searching a smple and effective solutions to make earth a better place to live.



Business Model

Odour problems are very often in different places: sewerage system, waste water treatment plants, waste landfill, industry and traffic. The requirements for cleaner environment and odour free are high. There are many solutions for different type of odour, but they are often expensive and they produce a lot of waste (waste carbon for example). A technology removing odour using only electricity is and elegant method, that can improve odour removal and lower cost of air cleaning. Suggested technological solution of removing odour in the air with cold plasma


We plan to achive the following targerts in 2018: -Competition and positioning on the market analysis is made. -List and description of parameters that have to be tested is done. -First phase of prototype testing is made.