"SAVE TIME - SAFE THE ENVIRONMENT" Minimize the BOD measurement time from 5 days to just a few minutes by our innovative biosensor based monitoring system!


ENOVA H2O is a company which grew out of the university labs. Our mission is to convert the border between the research and industry into a bridge for knowledge and technology transfer. Our aim is to develop innovative instruments for better and faster water quality monitoring.


Chemistry, Cleantech, Climate/Environmental monitoring

Business Model

The monitoring system we designed is based on new generation of bio-electrochemical sensors capable to detect and quantify the organic pollution in water.The product will be introduced as an alternative (and equivalent) to the conventional BOD measurement. The main advantages of our product over the conventional methods are: 1) faster, almost instant data generation, remote data access via dedicated web platform, easy SCADA and GIS integration.


1.Implementation of the complete monitoring system with its components - biosensor; controller; web platform. 2. Finding pilot partners in water industry. 3. Market entry with two potential clients.